Thursday, July 15, 2010


Yes, I must say
I was not a coward to run for a cover
Like an escapist
I did not run away in fear
from the shadows of a world wild
And there you conspired
from behind, splashed ink in blue
spread endless stories
to supplement your superior ego
and to silence her very soul
and from the other end
he endowed blows
all around thinking she would go
Yes!  none desired to cease egos
mountain like
and in ocean you joint ventured
a deceit to drape your guilt
finally when world collapsed
in shatters
you did trials like in one chemical lab..
She left both the worlds
to go to a valley of flute..
as none had concern
to think she a human.
and I must say I was not a coward
to run for a shelter
like an escapist
and my world of flute speaks now
not of silence
but of speech denied…

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